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BEAUTY and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast is the French fairy tale of a selfless young woman, Beauty, who takes her father’s place as prisoner in a castle far away. Upon arrival, she meets the owner of the castle who appears to be a terrifying Beast. As time progresses, Beauty and the Beast begin to get to know not only each other, but also themselves. In this heartwarming, yet humorous tale, discover the power of being yourself and what it means to listen to your heart.

Recommended for ages 5 and up

Greek Mythology: The tale of psyche & Eros

Ever wondered what inspired “Beauty & the Beast”? Greek Mythology: The Tale of Psyche & Eros begins when the goddess Aphrodite discovers humans worshiping a beautiful mortal named Psyche. Overcome with rage and jealousy, Aphrodite sends her son, Eros (also known as “Cupid” to the ancient Romans), to punish her. Accidentally pricked by one of his own arrows, Eros falls hopelessly in love with Psyche. Eros decides to hide Psyche from Aphrodite in a castle under one condition: Psyche must never see his face. Driven by curiosity, Psyche steals a glance at her mysterious husband’s face one night, and the wonderful life they’ve had shatters instantly. Now, Psyche must face several impossible tasks to set things right with the gods, proving she’s just as brave as she is beautiful.

Recommend for ages 9 & up

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