Never hosted a Hampstead Stage performance or it's been a while? No worries! Everything below will tell you what to expect when we perform for you! Even if you are a regular host for us, it is always good to have a refresher! Let us know if you have any additional questions!

If you are hosting a SIGNATURE SERIES show there are some key differences on what to expect. Be sure to go to the "Signature Series" section at the bottom for the correct info!


Fall, Spring, and Summer Shows


  • Expect a total experience of 60 minutes. The show will last approximately 45-50 minutes. After the show, the actors will come out and introduce themselves and engage the students in a 5-10 minute long question and answer session. The students may ask about the performance, the story, theatre, or any other questions that may pop into their minds. 
  • During each show there will be a volunteer opportunity or two for a few students to come up on stage to help the actors with the performance!
  • We provide FREE posters, study guides, lesson plans, and activities for each performance! Visit your show's page to download everything you need!
  • Most of our shows are meant for ages 5 and up, but be sure to read the description of each show to see if there's a more specific target audience. 


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Photo by Marco Calderon

  • Our set is highly adjustable so we can fit into almost any space! We recommend a stage area of at least 12 feet left to right, 12 feet front to back, and 7 feet tall for our performances. It consists of two story book flats with hand-painted drops and a curtain in between. It can be made smaller to fit into nearly any space.

  • Best performances spaces include- gym, cafeteria, auditorium, media center, multi-purpose room, conference/program room (libraries). 


  • You can expect TWO actors to arrive at your venue between 30-60 minutes prior to the production. If you need the actors to arrive earlier or at a specific time, please let us know. Unless otherwise noted, they will enter through the front doors and check in at the front desk.

  • The actors will need to unload their set and bring it into the performance space. It is easiest for them to pull up their vehicle to a door closest to the performance space. 

  • Once our actors have set up, they will need a space to change into their base costume. Staff restrooms or any private space works well!

  • For many of our shows, it is helpful to have access to three chairs (regular school chairs work just fine!). The actors may bring up 2-3 children to participate in the show and these chairs give them a place to sit. NOTE: If you have booked A Christmas Carol, the actors will also need access to 2 student desks.

  • The actors will ask one person from the venue to announce the show and prepare the audience for the performance. This person may be a teacher, PTO president, head librarian, principal, or any other faculty member. The actors will have a card with all of the information for the person who will announce them.


  • Once the students have returned to their classrooms, the actors will begin to disassemble the set and load up their vehicle. This process should only take 20-30 minutes.
  • Payment in the form of a check should be given to the actors. If the check is not ready, you can mail it to us at 1053 N. Barnstead Rd. Ctr. Barnstead, NH 03225 so it arrives no later than 30 days after the performance.


  • We DO NOT need microphones, access to electrical outlets, or any other special equipment. However, if your venue does have over-the-ear microphones, our actors can accommodate depending the performance. We strongly recommend audience sizes of 350 or less for the best experience. 
  • We do have the ability to perform outside! However, this is during the summer only. We bring special outdoor gear to keep our sets in place. For our actors' and set's safety, during the performance temperatures MUST be cooler than 85 degrees in an area with minimal winds. Please let us know ahead of time if you are planning to have the show outdoors so that our actors are prepared.

Signature Series Shows


  • Each performance in the Signature Series is different. However, our previous shows and talkbacks lasted around 75-90 minutes.
  • There is no audience participation in these performances unless otherwise noted. 
  • Each Signature Series production has a specific age range. Our last show was geared for ages 13 to adults, but we anticipate a Signature Series show for all age groups down the road!


  • Our set is approximately 18 feet left to right, 18 feet front to back, and 8 feet tall. It consists of two panels with printed screens and an onstage platform. It is somewhat adjustable and can be made to fit into most spaces. If you have had an HSC production before, this is a brand new set and is different than our regular set. Example of our set: